Berth Licence & Sales

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Information for Interested Purchasers


We invite you to contact Sarah to make an appointment to discuss the best berth option for you. Please note all berths under 18m have now  been sold.

Berth Licences

The Licence Fee paid for a berth secures the right to use and enjoy it (and the marina facilities) for the term of the licence. The key features of berth licences at Kennedy Point Marina are:

  • 35-year term from the date the marina opens with a right of renewal on expiry of the licence. Conditions apply.

  • A right to transfer the berth licence (conditions apply).

  • A right to sub-licence the berth for periods exceeding 3 months (conditions apply).

  • An option for the berth to be placed in the marina rental pool (managed by the marina) if it is going to be vacant for any period.

Berth licences will require berth owners to comply with the Rules of Kennedy Point Marina, pay all charges for utilities used and to contribute to the annual operating expenses of the marina.

Marina Rules

All berth owners and visitors to the marina will have to observe the Rules of Kennedy Point Marina, that have been developed to ensure the health, safety and good amenity of all marina users and its neighbours, as well as to protect the coastal environment.

The Marina Rules may change from time to time as a consequence of review or regulatory requirements.

Kennedy Point Marina is the first marina in New Zealand to regulate and monitor the anti-fouling coatings applied to vessels berthed in the marina. All boats berthing in the marina will be required to use only low copper or no-copper anti-fouling paints and to maintain a certificate of currency for such applications.


Operating Expenses

Marina operating expenses will be payable by berth owners annually. Levies will be apportioned as far as practicable on a “user pays” basis.  The operating expenses will include contributions by berth owners to the proposed Kennedy Point Marina Maritime Trust, established for public-good purposes, as well as to the costs of annual animal and plant pest control in the vicinity of the marina to manage threats to the local population of Little Penguin.

Pricing of berths and details of the licence terms, Marina Rules and indicative annual levies are available upon your personal visit and appointment with one of the sales staff.